Bea Aiguabella



oilbar on Ingres paper

100 x 70 cms each (unframed)

“When humanity believed itself to be more powerful and advanced, a small virus arrived that has made us realize our vulnerability. This has pointed out the value of the inner being approaches that had been overlapped under the frenetic rhythm in which we used to live, those to which the confinement has proved of vital importance. Many of us have learned to look inside, to better know ourselves and the people in our immediate environment, to appreciate the beauty of simple things and identify those that really matter. It has made me think a lot about the value of art and literature, music or cinema, as they all have been our companions and have filled so many moments of quarantine, and to which perhaps before we did not give the importance they deserve.

Nothing will ever be the same as before, hopefully something will remain of this "slow life" in which we have lived these months. I take it as learning to have discovered that the important things are not things.”

‘Slowlife, the power of the intangible’, Bea Aiguabella

About the work

It represents the landscape longed for in times of confinement.

BA 690 x 900 BN

Bea Aiguabella (Zaragoza, 1989)

Bea Aiguabella studied for a degree and a Master's degree in Architecture at the University of Navarra, finishing in 2013. Subsequently, Bea moves to London where she works as an architect for 5 years at Perkins + Will. Since 2014, she made it compatible with her artistic practice. In 2018 and 2019 she exhibited at Galería Vangar in Valencia and also in 2019, at 1d3 by Nomos in Palm Desert, California. In 2020 she has shown her work at The Little Tiny Art Fair in Madrid.

Bea Aiguabella’s work thrives upon the idea of repetition of simple elements and apparently the same in order to consider the relation of the binomial individual-collective. Based on nature, where this relation is seen constantly, all the leaves of a tree are different if we consider each one but the same if we consider the tree. She works repeating strokes and marks on linen, different textiles and cotton paper. All the while her practice is surrounded by an aesthetic sense where colour is co-protagonist.

Aiguabella’s aim is to generate an interest in the act of observation to apparently repeated elements but absolutely unique if we look closely and we grasp its individuality. The impact of the idea of space will emboss its collective relation.