Beatriz Dubois

Hablan 19 A+B, from the ‘Talk’ series


collage without glue

Dyptich, 157 x 122 cms (framed)

“I believe in cycles and the changes that come back. I believe that life is a never-ending journey and that patterns repeat themselves. I believe that the Earth was asking for a halt like a plague of locusts as a punishment from the gods. Nature and haste have said enough. We have seen cities being cleaned up by the wind and the absence of men. We have witnessed a change in the priorities of many people. We have participated in solidarity and tried to cooperate with neighbours and professionals.

Now we are going through a hard time economically, and there are social cracks that will take time to heal; the virus has taken many people away, and families have suffered from a lack of freedom, resources, understanding or love. But at the end of this period we will return to what we had before. Because we have incorporated into our cycle consumption, contamination and attachment to the material, the paradoxical desire for the viral. Knowing that we have no choice but to assume it, let us try to make changes. Let us return to consumption, but of durable and less harmful products. Cities will become polluted again, but we can make them greener and more pedestrian-friendly. We can gravitate towards the digital, but let's not forget touch, caressing others and things without fear, as well as the importance of real relationships. We can give back to culture everything that has entertained us and saved us from the days of confinement, and support creators, thinkers and artists.

I return to the cycle with distrust, but trying to slow down my life, my physical and digital consumption; also my judgments or pretensions. Above all, I continue with a slow search for art as both a spectator and a creator. I present a work that talks about identity and nature; that suggests a slow observation, so as to live the present with full conscience and enjoy the piece against the massive consumption of images; and that shows an evident manipulation to praise the touch and the creation.”

Beatriz Dubois

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Beatriz Dubois

Beatriz Dubois (Madrid, 1991)

Beatriz Dubois (Madrid, 1991) uses photography as the basis of her work and paper as the medium for analog collages and compositions. Her work reflects on subjects such as the relationship between the individual and nature, the search for an identity, the link between the human being and the outside world and oneself, the slow contemplation of art against the massive consumption of images, or the use of dualities and analogies as a conceptual basis of her practice.

Her work has been exhibited in more than a dozen individual and collective exhibitions, in the Museo de la Pasión Valladolid, in WeCollect Madrid and London, in the Art and Antiques Fair FERIARTE, as well as in the Kreisler Gallery in Madrid. Her work is part of important private collections such as the Himalaya Collection, Campocerrado Collection, Alicia Aza Collection or H. E. F. Collection, among others.