Edwin Monsalve

About the series

This series of works reflects on the effects of mining on nature. By changing the natural image for artificial ornamentation, the work poses a dichotomy where as in the territory, one is replaced by the other.

"Just these days I was invited by the director of the Museum of Antioquia in Medellin to conduct a review of my process as an artist seen from the perspective of the global pandemic. It was a really interesting exercise, I had never had the opportunity to talk about the first punctures that push creativity, and even more interesting was to equate the present moment to the questions I had been asking myself for more than 15 years. Citing a text by Italo Calvino is how I would like to begin my commentary, published in the book 'Six proposals for the next millennium', the text "Levity" which I would summarize as a reflection on the need to lighten life, in which through the metaphor of Perseus and the Medusa, Calvino takes us into the details of attending to the permanent encounter with death in a dignified and respectful manner, understanding it not in the literal sense, but I insist, as does his language in a metaphorical sense, as a form of liberation from burdens that makes us lighter and allows us to understand the balance of life with nature.

Some time ago, looking at the sky, I became aware of how I was not standing on the earth but, like it, levitating in the universe, that we are only a part of the whole and that the time to be that part was now.  During all this time I have become more aware of the place where I am, of the real possibilities I have and of the need to establish a balance with everything, it seems strange, but I had been thinking about the idea of how it would be to slow down time and see what the speed of day to day prevented me from seeing. That made me aware that strategies were no longer thought of as future-oriented but as present-oriented, that their immediacy was more important because it would implicitly project me into the future."

Edwin Monsalve

Extinction Expedition III (Cinchona Lanceifolia)


silver and gold foils, graphite and tape on paper

56 x 38 cms (unframed)

70.5 x 52 cms (framed)

Em 690 x 900 BN

Edwin Monsalve (Medellín, Colombia, 1984)

Edwin Monsalve studied Fine Arts at the University of Antioquia, from which he graduated as Master of Fine Arts in 2008. In 2016 he was named winner of the IV Biennial of Plastic and Visual Arts organized by the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation. His formal and conceptual researches are focused on drawing, painting and the study of the relationship between art, science and nature; from the significant matter and time, a constant relationship since their first processes.

Since 2004 he has participated in different solo exhibition and curatorial projects such as: 'Geodesia' (Galería Fernando Pradilla, 2018); 'La imposibilidad del paisaje' (La Casita, Bogotá, 2016 and Galería el Museo, Bogotá, 2015), 'Naturaleza & Artificio' (Galería Nueveochenta, Bogotá, 2013). Group shows include 'Taxografías' (Doce Cero Cero Gallery 12:00, Bogotá, Colombia), 'Ensayos para un mundo perfecto' (Salón de Arte BBVA, Nuevos Nombres del Banco de la Republica. Museum of Modern Art of Pereira, Colombia 2012), among others. Based in Medellín, Monsalve currently teaches at the University of Antioquia.