Felipe Seixas



concrete, tv screen, mini-computer and looped video

50 x 130 x 54 cms

"Firstly, I cannot avoid commenting on the situation in my country before referring to the situation of my work. I look with dismay, but perhaps with little surprise, at the measures taken by those who hold material power. A good number of those responsible for creating the conditions for the current president to be elected are still the same ones who maintain the support of the government even in the face of the health disaster that is taking place, with the aim of preserving the also disastrous economic agenda. They are also pushing for the reopening and return of workers to their jobs and have been against the recommendations of science and medicine from the beginning.

Having said that, with regard to the impacts of this scenario on my work, I prefer to speak more in psychological terms than on production itself. I believe that the origin of the work lies somewhere in what we can call the unconscious. Every investigation, reflection, experiment and observation of matter constitutes an immersion into the origin of the work, into the unconscious. When there are common social interactions, this implies a return to the surface, since we resort to automatic mental structures that are less deep, already conscious, and that generally do not concern work. This abrupt rupture of social ties imposed by quarantine restrictions allows for deeper and uninterrupted dives, perhaps allowing for an acceleration of naturally occurring processes, or even establishing new ways of accessing work itself."

Felipe Seixas

FS 690 x 900 BN

Felipe Seixas (São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brasil, 1989)

Matter plays a major role in the work of Felipe Seixas. It’s always in a situation of protagonism, which makes possible a direct perception of its properties. Arranged in the space through basic forms, matter is many times contrasted with non-material elements. In order to do this, the artist employ materials like the concrete, steel and asphalt, together with lights and digital graphics – using projectors and monitors. The mix of these elements set a relationship between the material and the immaterial, through the contrast of what is physical and what is virtual.

The artist graduated in Social Communication with a degree in Digital Design from Anhanguera University, São Paulo in 2011. He has participated in the courses ‘Sculpture as an artistic object of the 21st century’, with Angela Bassan (2015), and ‘Sculptures and installations: contemporary possibilities’ (2016), with Laura Belém, both at FAAP (Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation); and was part of the monitoring group of the Hermes Artes Visuais project, with Nino Cais and Carla Chaim.

Among his main exhibitions are ‘250º Summer Exhibition – Art Made Now’, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK (2018), Salon de Videoarte Joven Latinoamericano, Espacio a2, Lima, Peru (2018), ‘Hagase la Luz’ - ArtNexus Foundation, Bogotá – Colombia (2017), XIX Bienal Internacional de Arte de Cerveira 2017, Portugal (2017), 2ª Bienal Caixa de Novos Artistas, Caixa Cultural São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, Brasil (2017) and 28° Mostra de Arte da Juventude SESC Ribeirão Preto (Prêmio) (2017).