Filippo Giusti

“When I was asked to present a piece of work that spoke about the period we are going through, a period in which the entire world has kneeled before an invisible enemy, the first thing that came to my mind was to think that all this may have a positive consequence for our personal development, and therefore, for our future. Perhaps because I have seen these last few months in quarantine as an opportunity; the opportunity to have enough time to reconcile with myself. The time to be able to clear ourselves from the accumulated fog during the pre-covid19 days, and with this to be capable of seeing our true selves again, which with the years we no longer see with precision. So I translated this feeling into the image of myself that after showering —the shower for me is always a very productive moment of meditation— with a quick hand wave, I clarify my reflection clouded by steam. At this moment I recognize myself again.

The colors used to represent the space in which I find myself have been altered from reality, representing how surreal the current situation is, while the tones of my body tend to be realistic. This difference in colors arises from the need to underline the difference between the outside and the inside world.

I hope that this painting can transmit much more effectively than my words the feelings that have harbored within me during this quarantine.

Have any of you experienced a similar feeling?”

Filippo Giusti

Earth Oddity


oil on linen

90 x 55 cms

Filippo Giusti

Filippo Giusti (Livorno, Italy, 1990)

Filippo Giusti is a contemporary artist and portrait painter. Born in 1990 in Livorno on the Tuscan coast in Italy, Filippo was a professional actor having obtained his degree in drama at one of the best schools for theater arts in Italy, while also working as a professional photographer.

He explains: “It was this combination that made me a ‘360-degree painter’ by having studied these two professions”. He acquired the values of humanity, empathy and sensitivity from acting and all the principles of perspective, light, color theory and composition from photography.

Filippo has lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the last three years inspired by the “pueblo mágico”. He found it to be the perfect work setting, opening his studio in 2019 inside Fábrica La Aurora, an art center gathering artists from many different backgrounds, one of the most important art centers in Mexico.

Self-taught, his daily coexistence with other artists in La Aurora, his friendship with the painter Santiago Carbonell and with the collector Thomas Saliba (who collaborated with CY Twombly for the last 10 years of his career) have been of great help. However, Filippo regards painters from the past as his “true masters” due to his previous experiences of studying their work in museums of Florence and during his five years living in Rome.