Fuentesal & Arenillas

“These times we are going through make thought go beyond the gaze. We remember 'The Wine-Dark Sea’, a story by Leonardo Sciascia that tells of the simplicity and eternal condition of the South. This is exemplified through his constant effort to represent in its fair value the problems of those rich and forgotten villages, of peoples capable of providing a vision of life that is austere, simple, but at the same time deeply penetrated with wisdom. This is linked in some way to our process, desires and questions. Now the thinking about it even gets a little more aggravated; we would like to be and imagine us in the South, our family, a small studio, walking around the different workshops of the city learning from everything that they have to tell.”

Fuentesal & Arenillas

Teca IV


mahogany, medium density fibreboard

115 x 80 x 14 cms


About the work

-teca is a set of strokes that welcome freehand gestures, using the thickness of our fingers and the extension of our arms to form patterns that retain the kinetic energy of the movement produced by the drawing, mold and patterns, becoming mobiles at rest on wooden shelves, a place where something is kept, backgrounds and figures. Although in our doing the body is inscribed in the work, the forms that come out of it are dislocated from it. Cut out contours in wood, their interiors and repetition, together with the noise of wear due to the erosion of use relates gestures to matter, appealing to touch and the trade that has led them to become, once in hand, objects that cannot exist outside of the terrestrial.

In previous works we already mentioned, in relation to the bricoleur, that a method of play and creation can be forced to cope with what everyone has at hand. This time it has become literal. Time and space in the studio have been expanded, the materials and waste have created their own dialogues and synergies. They have once again come to relate to each other, mixing and resulting in a new method of composition that collects phases of the process of change in our work.

Fuentesal & Arenillas

Fuentesal & Arenillas (Huelva, 1986 y Cádiz, 1989)

Julia Fuentesal and Pablo M. Arenillas studied at the University of Fine Arts in Seville. Their work explores the ludic dimension of artistic practice as the production of signs whose topology requires the participation of the viewer to complete the configuration of their open compositions. Accordingly, in their pieces, autobiographical aspects intersect with formal resources like double illustrations and repetition, including chance as an essential component of what is at stake and which, precisely because of this, remains inconclusive.

Their work has been awarded by the program of the space Iniciarte in Seville (2015) and the Blueproject Foundation (2018) with a residency that concludes in the exhibition GameShow / PlayShow. They have also taken part in different exhibitions such as ¿Qué sienten, qué piensan los artistas andaluces de ahora? at the CAAC in Sevilla and recently at the Main Space of the Luis Adelantado gallery with their exhibition La resistencia del ello / Azul como una naranja. Finally, they have participated in fairs such as ARCO and Artissima.