Macarena Gross

Relative distances, from the 'Limits' series


pigment ink photographs on cotton paper framed in a wooden box

this work is unique

50 x 70 each (unframed), 52 x 72 each (framed)

About the series

The orderly beauty, the need for cultivation is an experience of natural and aesthetic coexistence. The benefit of creating a canvas, yielding the land, spraying, watching it grow, blurs the boundaries of biological necessity and design, an exercise in continuous perfection.

The boundary separates and protects. The boundary has always been sacred. For the Romans "Sanctus", the Latin word for "sacred" derives from "sancire", which means "to delimit, to set aside".

What is the limit of fear? What is the limit of truth? Who sets your limits? Who respects and fulfills them?

“The usual tranquility of the countryside seems to have been transferred to the city. Silence is now common in both places. A silence that sounds uncomfortable, sometimes alien, but necessary. As Saint Ignatius of Loyola said, ‘in moments of crisis, stillness’.

Stillness is the silence of the body. Meanwhile, nature takes over the urban landscape, growing without limits, demanding attention, a place, care. Bounded or free, it finally appears with the defiant force of its fine stems. Shelters of diversity, as Clement would say in ' The Third Landscape'. The intangible values of this new landscape are infinite and sometimes they imply a journey to the most intimate part of the human being, his memory, his desires, his emotions, his identity.

‘Everything was a clamor of hearts and looks. And the air was full of distances, neighborhoods, villages, banks and plains of spikes and poppies’ (Romero Murube, ‘Silencios de Andalusia, p.241).

I would like to imagine a future rich in time. I've tasted the luxury of being able to arrange it. What's the hurry? It's time to stop and take stock. To every age, a landscape. Built, deconstructed, rebuilt. A silent landscape, elegant simplicity, like perennial wisdom, where nature is the protagonist, the human presence is relegated to the heart and technology is at the service of the Earth and humanity.

Let's start with food to combat change, as Satish Kumar would say in his book ‘Tourists or Pilgrims’: "A pilgrim is someone who sees life as a sacred journey, who sees the Earth as a sacred home, who sees the universe as a process”.

Every day, work with your hands and tell the truth."

Macarena Gross

Macarena Gross

Macarena Gross (Madrid,1982)

Macarena Gross Ariza is a photographer and researcher. MA in ‘City and Sustainable Architecture’ (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla), MA in Professional Photography (EFTI, Madrid). Her artistic work focuses on investigating the relationship between photography and other artistic media as an urban and awareness tool. The relationship between nature, architecture, landscape, environment and mysticism are among the themes she is interested in. Forever in search of the new role of photography in contemporary art, her images arise from the intersection of different media.