Mario Navarro

Iuncta Iuvant


color pencil on paper

This is a unique piece

28 x 43 x 2.5 cms (framed)

21.6 x 27.9 cm each (unframed)

“This pandemic has been a time of uncertainty and reflection, an unwanted but necessary pause. Having being in the city with the most cases in the world has been an experience that has affected me at unexpected levels and has made me begin to rethink the way we live, as well as to learn to appreciate valuable moments of the day to day and ignore all that we have left over and has no real impact on us. The things we take for granted are reassessed by living an experience like this: silence, air, sun, walking, friends, family, etc.

This pause has also helped out to question, as a society, the basic values ​​of the human being. It is a key moment to demand respect and equal treatment towards any person regardless of their appearance, religious beliefs, sexual preference or social status.

I am sure that the world will not be the same after this crisis, but it will be a world that will change things for the better in order to improve the way we live."

Mario Navarro

MN 690 x 900 BN

Mario Navarro (California, 1984)

Mario Navarro is a Mexican artist based in New York City. The relationships between architecture and its forms, as well as the decomposition of architectural paradigms (balance, symmetry, organization of units and the figure of the architect) are the sustained subjects in his investigation.

Navarro makes use of the legacy of modern architecture in history, including dummy variables to create scenarios difficult for the viewer to imagine. An example is the use of images of emblematic buildings, where the passage of time to show a decadent scene is shown, or the sections extracted from a wooden floor levitating in the exhibition space. His research also seeks to understand the cultural heritage that characters like Le Corbusier, Luis Barragán or Michael Thonet left outside specialized circles until they adapted to popular culture.

He has participated in residency programs such as Pioneer Works in Brooklyn and Casa Wabi in Oaxaca. His recent exhibitions include ‘Almost Solid Light’, at Kasmin Gallery, New York (2018); ‘Monuments, anti-monuments and new public sculpture’, at the El Chopo Museum, Mexico City (2018); Landscape A Landscape of Events ’at the SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah (2017); ‘Veil / Unveil’ in Proyecto Paralelo, Mexico City (2017); ‘Aesthetical Irregularities’ at Komagome SOKO, Tokyo (2016) and ‘Forms of otherness’ at the International Studio and Curatorial Program, Brooklyn (2015).