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Thank you very much for your interest and support in this initiative.

To continue with you purchase please follow these steps:

1. Step

Make a transfer for 20% of the indicated price of the work (shipping and VAT excluded) to the bank account that appears below:

Programa Taide

IBAN: ES48 0073 0100 5505 0563 0088


Open Bank, Paseo de la Castellana 24, 28046, Madrid.

If you prefer, you can use the following Paypal link:

2. Step

Send us an email with the confirmation of your transfer, your personal and shipping details.

If you are a company, please also indicate your tax information.

We will immediately get in touch to proceed with the shipment of your artwork.

Frequently asked questions

Do you ship internationally?

Of course! Once we receive your email we will get in touch with you to manage the shipment of the artwork.

What are the additional costs of VAT and shipping on top of the price of the work?

Each work carries an additional cost on the Value Added Tax (VAT) of 21%.

The cost of transport will depend on the individual characteristics of each shipment (artwork purchased, shipment destination). In case of not accepting the indicated transport costs, we willmake an immediate refund of the payment received.

When will I receive my artwork?

As soon as we receive the request we will manage the shipment of the work so that it can be delivered as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us in the following email address arte@programataide or leave us your details.

Please mention the artwork of your interest!

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Programa Taide is a non-profit organization registered in the National Registry of Associations with number 616388 and under the following address at C/Fuencarral 127, 28010, Madrid.