Siria - Turquía, Corea del Norte - Corea del Sur, India - Pakistán y España - Marruecos


acrylic painting on high quality paper (gramagge 370 g/m2)

unique piece

101 x 71 cm (framed)


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Joni perfil

Jonipunto (Madrid, Spain, 1981)

Tireless self-taught and in constant movement, I have been shaping my work for more than ten years through multiple projects, taking advantage of the lights and shapes offered by matter, pigments and nature. In my works, sometimes the walls are part of the result; others, when I paint on paper or canvas, nature (geographies, lights and landscapes) is part of the concept and the final form. This dialogue is constant expansion, exploring these elements through the supports and tools that artistic work offers.

I am currently working on a project entitled ‘Borders’, in which the land we walk on and the sea that surrounds us are part of the same nature, which cannot be fragmented by walls or walls. Borders can be changed and reversed, but always to demonstrate that we belong to the same place and that by themselves they are meaningless. This project plays the walls and modifies them, ceasing to be lines that divide two places to become a swarm of them that generate new possibilities.