La censura de la carne


acrylic on canvas

100 x 73 cm


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Lía Ateca (San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife, 1991)

This project is based on three key words: environment, identity and feminism.

In March 2017, on the occasion of the month of women, I started a series of actions under the title ‘’ The only fruit of love is not the banana ’’ (in reference to the song ‘’ The banana, the only fruit of love ’’) illustrating papayas t-shirts, bags and other fabrics.

From that moment the papaya began to symbolize the empowerment of women and their sexual freedom. Trying to get out of the figurative and evident symbol of the papaya,I reduce to its color, keeping the concept, this way I charge of feminist awareness the orange color.  With this I am interested in pulling out of the recurrence towards flags now standardized, understanding this also as an artistic vision of the same fight.

With a Polaroid 600 camera I photograph the orange elements that I come across in a fortuite way. I'm interested in it being an instant analog camera because it relates best each scene as a surprise or impromptu still life. When I find an orange element and photograph it I am charging it with feminist content, each orange thing that I immortalize represents feminism and therefore the hope of finding equality anywhere along the way. I extract and interpret these orange forms through painting or drawing, constructing landscapes and scenes through which I understand the environment and reflect on my identity as an artist, as a woman and as a female artist.

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