Magdalena Maatkare



wax print textile collage on canvas

unique piece

150 x 105 cm (framed)


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Magdalena Maatkare Profile Picture

Magdalena Maatkare (Langenargen, Germany, 1988)

I am a thread waving into the texture of the universe. My thread is light-source / light -wave channelling energy, vibrating with other energetic waves. Creating resonance.

Universe is built up by light and darkness. Bodies are charged positively and negatively . I work with light. Light-waves. Light-braking. Breaking into the textiles, which I bring a-life to new units through my hands. Lightening works vibrating in colours with light-resonance.

My atelier is a space where I receive visions from a higher dimension, where I can connect with this parallel world, behind human visible capacities. I hear what the invisible is revealing me. In my creative process this magic can free itself, and in a playful way transforming into the visible world. Living Creatures become alive.

The German term “Heilig” – “Saint”, contains the terminus “Heil” which means healing. Healing is the green lightning pillar of my work. Healing is maybe the most essential need in our actual society shining on the beautifully made surface by means of chemical substances while the inner being dies in dirt. Reconnecting invisible and visible, unconsciousness to the consciousness is our task in this life. The inner voice leads– leads to healing.

Through the process of waving fine matter/ethereal into the material world, my works have a potential of being mediums and resources for healing. Colour – light-waves to wake up.