Manon Steyaert

Silicone I



40 x 40 x 10 cm


Manon perfil

Manon Steyaert (France, 1996)

Manon Steyaert works out of her London studio and studied at Central Saint Martins for Fine art degree and then moved on to studying a Masters in Fine Art at Chelsea college of Arts.

Steyaert’s practice focuses on her own views towards the medium of painting and how it can lie with sculpture, using traditional and non-traditional materials to create her sculptural paintings or painterly sculptures. She likes to entice the viewer into her playful works and let them see this playfulness themselves through the choice of materials. The pieces which instigated her liking to creating sculptural paintings were created using materials such as latex and silicone, pouring her own to see how they can be affected with her touch from the beginning or their internal structure, layering these on top of the canvas creates an interesting dynamic between the mediums of traditional and non-traditional along with painting and sculpture. Playing around with how it wants to be seen, the smooth texture almost forces the viewer to investigate its surface by coming in close, creating curiosity as to what it is they are looking at.

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