acrylic, acrylic mediums and airbrush on linen

120 x 120 cm (framed: 124 x 124 cm)


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Sam perfil

Sam Smyth (Bristol, UK, 1991)

Sam Smyth is a Norfolk based abstract painter. He works with highly pigmented matte acrylics to paint and airbrush his compositions onto stretched linen, often mixing gradients with hard-edged blocks of solid colour. Sam employs a geometric form of Gestalt design theory as a method of ‘carrying’ the colours that he uses, but interaction of colour is at the heart of the work.

Sam takes inspiration from the post-painterly abstraction movement of the 50s & 60s as well as Japanese wood block printing traditions and post-war Japanese art & design.

He studied at Arts University Bournemouth and now works from his studio in Norwich.

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